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2020 Show Schedule

First and foremost, I hope that you are all staying safe out there!

As you probably guessed, shows and cons and other events have been cancelled or rescheduled this year. There is the potential that the shows that rescheduled will be rescheduled again as we approach the dates and based on the safety of the artists and guests. I'll list the shows and events below and their schedule status.

CTN Roadtrip: Has been reschedule to the first weekend in December in Burbank. It's an open air show so there is potential for that to happen.

Powerhouse Comic Con: Has been reschedule to May of 2021.

SJ Made Fair: Rescheduled to September in San Jose.

SJ Made Winter Fair: As far as I know, this has not been rescheduled. It's in December in San Jose.

Girl Gang Craft: Unknown. It was rescheduled but the date is coming up soon and with a rise in covid cases I'm unsure if I will attend unless they reschedule

There were also a few more Pop-Up Shops in planning stages before the quarantine. Those are cancelled. More than anything I want you all to be safe and healthy. If I feel that the conditions of an event will not be safe for me or you, I won't be attending. So far though, every single event has addressed safety and is willing to reschedule.

In the meantime my online shop is open here on my website and on my store envy shop as well. You can also contact me with questions or specific requests. I've got some new products that will be up in my shop soon!

Until we can see each other again! Be well. Be safe.

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